quinta-feira, 5 de junho de 2008

NeoBux Scam??

Hi, i recently joined NeoBux, and so far from my experience, this seems to be the GREATEST PTC website that i've tried before, there are a lot of new features here at this website, such as, daily contests for members, low referral prices, low advertisement costs, chat room for members, forum included in the main page, and so on and so on...

You will be amazed if you try this website...

And of course you will earn money from using it

-YOU CAN RENT... YES RENT! referrals for cheap prices like for example:
-10 refs for $3 (with your earnings if you want)
-100 refs for $30 :D (also with your earnings if you want)

All you need is an ALERTPAY account so you can withdraw your funds from NeoBux to your AlertPay account and after that you can use your funds on the internet or simply withdraw them to your bank account.

So far i have earned a few amount and i can't request payment because i'm still under the minimum payment of $2... which can be made via AlertPay..

As soon as I receive my payment I'll post here the payment proof!

UPDATE: So far i have received a LOT of money $more than $1500 from NEOBUX check my proofs on the right side! and my stats on the banner below!! They really pay!
I'm making now around $1.5 a day.. but this will increase soon.. also check the banner bellow to see my current stats on that program! It updates in real time.

Please join under me and lets start with the clicks!

DON'T forget to read their FAQ after you register, they got some changes that the other PTC websites don't use like:

-People from the same IP can't join at the same time to click ads, but they can sign up and use chat and forum!
-Payments can be requested like this $2 for the first, after this $3 (set to minimum) and then $4 and so on until $10 after that you can only request payments when you get to $10 which can be achieved pretty fast if you rent a couple of referrals with your EARNINGS! No need to invest from your pockets...

It will be a long road to get to your first $3 so you can rent referrals, but it's worth every single click.. they got few ads, but that's because they really do pay! And they plan to keep it like that forever!

They have a lot of happy members in their forums, and there are no complains at all from other members, they seem to be honest, pay in less than 24 to everyone!

Also you can check the CHAT room.. you will always find Happy people there :)

So join under me in this link

Thank you for your time :)

also visit PTSCAM to check other ways to generate cash online!

Drop a comment if you have one ;)

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